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...the dragonfight was epic=P.. also it's my favorite song on Wishmaster=-)!! im a freak of disney too=P #3: Like on the first question, do you think you will add "film score" elements on the future nightwish album?=) Because the band "Rhapsody Of Fire" (if you havent heard of them) uses a lot of "Film score/classical" elements in there songs or do you think you will stay with only symphonic metal? #4: I was thinking to get a Korg keyboard as my graduation gift this year and it's going to be my first workstation=), is Korg a good keyboard for making/composing music? (it's going to be a korg x50) #5: What is your inspiration to write the lyrics on the albums? I know that some lyrics deals with angels, because i tried to write some lyrics and i don't seem to have some inspiration.. This post has been edited by WinterSymphony: 25 February 2010 -...
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I also find the analog inputs on the V2 a great feature... On V1 I had a joystick for filter cutoff/res (it was a bit difficult to get it to work back then as the software had to be modified some), now I have an additional expression pedal at Knob5 as well. And my master keyboard Korg X2 has pitch bend + modulation on a single joystick (I think that old synth sends NRPN or whatever it is but it works ok), too, so I can do a nice lot of realtime sound-mangling when I want to!  8)
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